What do FTTH, HFC, Small Cell, smart city and other modern infrastructure applications require? A partner with the personnel, tools, equipment and safety practices to engineer, construct and support OSP fiber networks across challenging environments. Over our 25 year history, we’ve built thousands of new fiber miles and maintained existing networks exceeding 10,000 sheath miles. Not only have we expanded fiber networks for new service launch, we’ve built county-wide fiber networks from the ground up.

We have provided fiber engineering and construction services to wireline and wireless operators, municipalities and neutral host providers, so we have a thorough understanding of best practices for installation and quality.

Solution Options:

  • Right-of-way engineering for fiber and pathway placement
  • CAD design packages
  • Permitting with local and state agencies
  • Underground construction by trench, plow or bore
  • Aerial fiber, support-strand and pole placement
  • Fiber splicing, testing and troubleshooting