We have more than 25 years of project performance experience for multiple MSO Broadband Systems including CATV network evolutions in major markets. We are considered a strategic supplier of engineering, construction and ongoing field support services to many national MSOs, as well as smaller, independent system operators.

Our market experience sets us apart, as six of the seven largest MSOs continue to depend on us as they have for years. We’ve implemented densely populated cities to regional deployments with a mix of cable plant environments, including projects with 7,000 miles of upgraded 1 Ghz HFC network infrastructure and another with over 6,000 miles of spliced coaxial cable with over 210,000 amplifiers and passives.

Solution Options:

  • HFC network buildout
  • Bi-direction sweep
  • Return path interference mitigation
  • Power supply maintenance
  • Leakage monitoring and repair
  • Tap audit
  • Bi-directional fiber node optimization
  • Demand maintenance
  • Plant discrepancy audit and repair
  • Plant performance analysis
  • Managed inventory