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Staging the equipment prior to an installation is a very critical step in the process of providing our customers with successful implementations. Expensive on-site field service time is not used up while a Customer Support Professional (CSP) configures and tests the equipment being installed by GTS.

Prior to delivery to the customer, all equipment is shipped to GTS for staging and burn in.

Staging checklists are used to ensure that all of the equipment to the customer has been set up and tested prior to its being shipped to the customer. Staging checklists vary by equipment type, but the following is an example of the staging done by GTS:Staging Facility

  • Assemble all ordered hardware kits and options
  • Verify interrupt levels to ensure hardware component functionality
  • Install current version of ordered O/S
  • Format and partition all disks per customer’s requirements
  • Load O/S packages
  • Check that all manufacturer’s documentation is present
  • Load all software utilities to vendor default selectionsInstallation
  • Test access to all system components via O/S interface
  • Minimum of 24 hours of additional burn-in
  • Tune O/S to customer specification
  • Set up system users
  • Create boot diskette (if applicable)
  • Backup system with basic configuration (if backup device is present in system)
  • Document all files and structures
  • Document procedures for startup and shutdown
  • Prepare customer documentation