Voice Over IP

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The telephone remains an essential tool for business communications, even in this age of computer networking. To improve productivity and bolster their competitive positions in the marketplace, many larger firms are taking advantage of recent advances in telephony ranging from automated attendants and voice conferencing to integrated voice/data capabilities.

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) provides the ability to make telephone calls and send faxes over IP-based data networks with a suitable quality of service and superior cost/benefit. GTS offers only best of class innovative solutions that offer the advanced functionality of traditional telephone systems, but without the cost or complexity of old-fashioned voice solutionsVoice over IP

Typically, implementation of these capabilities is costly and complex, placing them out of the reach of small and midsize organizations. These businesses would need to commit significant resources in hardware and software solutions, as well as IT staffs to maintain them, in order to achieve equal footing with larger competitors, or risk forgoing advanced voice communications entirely. Thankfully, accessing advanced telephony does not have to be prohibitively expensive anymore.