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GTS creates networks that provide the robustness and flexibility to allow our customerís business to grow. We analyze their current network and create a functional, scalable network. Our team is highly trained and offers our customer the benefit of hundreds of man-years of experience in designing and implementing networks. The process we use for network design and consulting is a three-phase approach. The first phase is a Network Environment Assessment, the second phase is presenting a formal technology plan and the third phase is the actual implementation of the technology plan.

Phase 1 The Network Environment Assessment
Perform network Health Checks, and analyze the network's design and performance. We will Structured Cablingalso make the appropriate recommendations to fix any on-going problems. In addition, we will determine network topologies, protocols, speeds etc. While on-site, the GTS Network Support Professional (NSP) will perform network performance tests, determine protocols in use, and find out the number of users and servers and printers. We will check on WAN connectivity and circuit types along with determining Internet access and security levels. We will interview the customer to understand their network management tools and procedures as well as the network backup policies. Finally, we will work to determine our customerís network environment's performance goals and growth requirements. This interview process allows us to make the appropriate recommendations about how to address the network environment goals.

Phase 2 Technology Architecture plan:
This plan will provide the final infrastructure design, complete with detailed network drawings, and bills of material for the equipment utilized in the implementation. The plan also will include formal customer training recommendations.

Phase 3 Implementation plan:
A detailed list of requirements of the customer and GTS to allow for timely completion of the project, a plan that details any project management services that will be provided, a time line with periodic meetings with the customer, as well as, all milestones including payment schedule and a description of the involvement of any other sub contractors.