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Security having previously been a local departmental issue has now has become a broader issue, often global in character, requiring the careful integration of a variety of digital security technologies and support services.Consulting

Digital Video Recording (DVR) technology is revolutionizing the CCTV market and providing a level of functionality in physical security and surveillance applications previously unavailable. DVRs feature new capabilities such as quality digital pictures that can be easily stored and distributed on digital media. This coupled with the ability to view live and recorded surveillance video over IP network connections has enhanced the CCTV environment significantly and improved security resources well beyond the most sophisticated versions of its analog predecessors.

Digital video is simply faster, more scalable and more manageable solution. It can be integrated with existing CCTV network installations to offer instantaneous access to recorded or live video, easier storage, and higher quality images that won't degrade over time. Digital video systems can achieve one overriding objective; lower operating costs that result in an improved bottom line.

GTS, with our in-depth knowledge and background in networks and Digital CCTV technologies can address all of the factors associated with the transition from analog to digital surveillance and assist users throughout the IT, Security and enterprise management organizations to evaluate and apply the appropriate technology to each site's specific needs.

The benefits of digital video are clear when compared with the equivalent characteristics of outdated analog systems. CCTV means just that - "closed" - i.e. limited to a defined area of a typical radius of 1,000 feet. On the other hand, digital video is networked, and therefore open and accessible from any location at anytime, by authorized users.

GTS Digital video solutions allow enterprises to transform an existing analog security and monitoring system into a business tool. Benefits include lowering operating and labor costs and the ability to manage and monitor numerous sites more efficiently.