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GTS will work with its clients in order to develop unique approaches to maintaining the network once it has been certified for two way operation. Each system faces unique challenges based on geography, climate, age, and available maintenance staff.

Whether your system needs ongoing maintenance services or a one-time network tune-up, GTS can help you eliminate and prevent these costly network issues with our full suite of services:
  • Bi-direction sweep
  • Return path interference mitigation
  • Power supply maintenance
  • Leakage monitoring and repair
  • Tap audit
  • Non-Responding set top resolution through network maintenance
  • NESC clearance violation audit
  • FCC proof-of-performance tests
  • Bi-directional fiber node optimization
  • Demand maintenance
  • Plant discrepancy audit and repair
  • Customized services
  • Plant Performance Analysis

GTS's experienced and SCTE certified staff will ensure your network is rapidly restored, enabling you to deliver the level of services your subscribers expect.
Plus, the more GTS services you use, the more you save.

Plant Performance Analysis:
GTS can provide an in depth analysis of your network's performance using such soft tools as D.O.C.S.I.S. 1.0 - 2.0, JDSU/Acterna Pathtrak, Watchtower etc.. as well as Spectrum Analyzer, Pathtrak, T-Bird and DSAM hardware to characterize the real time performance of your network. GTS can take these results and work with the customer to formulate a strategy for correcting any performance issues identified. Once the strategy is ready to be deployed GTS can provide the expert field personnel and the latest equipment necessary in order to complete the solution with minimal effect on the customer.

Maximize Performance, Reduce Expenses & Optimize Profits with GTS!
Cost Effective Solutions:
In today's environment, meeting your operational goals is more challenging than ever before. CAPEX and strict budget controls are a way of life. That's why it's essential to have a resource you can trust. Someone who understands your needs. Not just another vendor, but a true partner in your success.

GTS backs up its commitment to clients by providing more than services. The more GTS services you use, the more you save.

GTS also helps you reduce your operational costs and improve profitability by:

  • Testing, certifying and optimizing your network to decrease costly trouble calls, improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn
  • Auditing billed versus actual power supplies resulting in lowered power supply rates
  • Employing trained, SCTE certified personnel who get the job done right the first time
  • Innovative use of creative technologies

Cost Savings = Success with GTS