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GTS can create new digital land base from a variety of sources including your old hand-drafted system maps, USGS quad maps, scaled road maps, tax maps and plat maps. If required, GTS can generate land base to UTM, state-plane, or other map coordinate systems.


Whether it's STRAND MAPPING for a rebuild or for new build plant, or AS-BUILT MAPPING for an upgrade, GTS has the most experienced and professional field mappers in the business. In CADDaddition to the strand and as-built mapping, our services include cable locating, make ready survey, conduit mapping, address mapping, inside plant, and MDU mapping. GTS can provide clean original field maps, scanned digital copies of field maps, and post field notes to digital land base.


GTS' skillful designers are proficient with Lode Data and Bentley Comm software, as well as several older packages such as Lynx, Cablevue and others. We understand the impact of inefficient design on project construction costs, schedules and material costs. We consider the long term implications for ease of maintenance and future upgrades and extensions. Our designers will work with you to choose the best power supply and node locations in terms of efficiency and access. Current and future plant extensions will be integrated into your upgrade/rebuild design to avoid costly re-work.