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Return Path Activation
GTS can install return path components in your amplifiers, nodes, and headends to allow activation and sweep of the return path.
Forward and Return Sweep
GTS sweeps several thousand miles per year of bi-directional HFC plant using JDSU/Acterna Stealth technology.
Return Path Ingress Suppression
Suppressing RF ingress and CPD to acceptable levels in the return path is critical to providing you with solid working plant for your maintenance department to successfully absorb and operate.
Node Certification for High-Speed Data
GTS has established itself as a leader in Network Certification for high-speed data and cable telephony applications. In fact, we have worked with high-speed data service providers and network operators to establish certification standards and testing methodology that provide a practical means of testing network performance.
RF Leakage Mitigation
Essential to successful ingress suppression and network certification, RF leakage sources must be identified and eliminated. GTS uses a variety of tools and systems for this purpose including leakage documentation with Global Positioning Satellite technology.
High-Speed Data and Telephony Testing
GTS was one of the first providers of HFC network validation testing, and helped develop testing protocols with several manufactures and MSO’s. GTS is equipped to test your network to ensure robust operation of your high-speed data and telephony deployments. Whether it is analog testing via MatrixTM Carrier Generators or Digital Testing with a JDSU/Acterna T-BerdTM, GTS is equipped to verify your network will provide reliable operation.