Our Safety Commitment

At GTS, we want the outcome of our service activities, task or schedule events to be the best reflection of our company and what's more important than the health and safety of people on or near our jobsites. Our goal is to eliminate unplanned occurrences and accidents - we firmly believe we can execute all projects without hurting people. Our commitment is to drive safety until we literally change our industry. We are doing this by implementing safety discussions and accountability as part of a day to day business.

GTS' safety efforts are every employee's responsibility. These efforts are supported by our in-house Safety department, composed of team members who provide training and regular site safety reviews for every GTS project. Our safety culture focuses on keeping motivational safety messages the forefront of everything we do, every day.

We further communicate our focus on safety with orientations for both employees and subcontractors. We remain consistent with our safety messages through continual training and education.

At an even higher level of focus, our Senior Managers outwardly and consistently communicate the magnitude of safety. Because of our success in making safety a core cultural value rather than an ever-shifting priority, we are consistently recognized as a safety leader among our industry peers.

Safety First