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Steven Strickland

August 7, 2017

Gibson Technical Services, Inc. (GTS), a Veteran-owned integrator with over 25 years of experience in network infrastructure, broadband and wireless services has announced that Steven Strickland will join the company int the newly created position of Director of Corporate Business Development, reporting directly to Jon Martin, Chief Operating Officer.

Strickland will focus on strategic growth initiatives for all divisions of GTS (Wireless, Broadband, Network Construction and Healthcare), along with expansion into IT outsourcing services for Enterprise customers.  He will continue building upon GTS’ foundation of Quality, Integrity, Superior Technical Expertise and Customer Satisfaction as new service offerings are ramped up and brought to market.  “GTS fully expects to grow beyond $40M in annual revenues near-term, and Steven’s industry knowledge and fortitude will maximize our existing service offerings with the addressable market and enable significant growth opportunities”, said Martin.  Furthermore, Strickland will implement sales plans for GTS’ most critical accounts, lead proposal management efforts, manage national marketing events and oversee partner programs with market-leading equipment manufacturers. 

Prior to joining GTS, Strickland served 17 years in the tech industry between AT&T, NICE Systems, Essentia and NCR Corporation, where he gained experience in the enterprise solutions, telecommunications and analytics software sales. Most recently, Steven led solutions management and marketing for wireless offers at NCR Corporation. As a well-rounded corporate leader, Strickland will maximize his education in business marketing, technology management and law to drive mutual gains for GTS, it's customers and partners. "I am humbled to join a company, such as GTS, with the values, market reputation and sustainable growth model that make up a great company." said Strickland "Our customers demand world-class technical services in a changing technology landscape and a nimble, capable and financially stable national partner is critical to their success."

iBWAVE Level 3 Certification

November 19, 2015

GTS is proud to announce RF Engineer Lavanya Gopal has successfully completed iBWAVE Level 3 Certification.This is a highly recognized achievement with only a small percentage of students obtaining Level 3 certification.

The certification program is designed for wireless and radio system designers, radio network engineers, radio network planners, RF specialists and consultants, radio access network development specialists and RF managers. It turns RF professionals into in-building wireless technology experts.

Lavanya came to GTS in June 2014, shortly after receiving her Master of Science in Telecommunications Degree at the University Colorado, Boulder.

Join us in congratulating Lavanya on her achievement.


GTS Completes WiFi Installations in Omaha, Nebraska

June 10, 2014

GTS was recently tasked with the installation of over 500 Cisco WiFi Radios in the Omaha Nebraska area for a major MSO. The deployments took place during the months of April and May of 2014.


The increased wireless footprint will serve as an added service to the MSO?s existing business and residential customers. With the addition of these WiFi Radios, customers can now access the internet through their WiFi-enabled devices from over 500 different points throughout the city using their existing MSO login credentials.


The installations were completed at night during specified maintenance windows so the intrusive nature of the system additions would be less visible to customers.

One of the biggest challenges was enduring the many weather changes which ranged from snow to high winds to hail, lightning and thunder storms to 90 degree heat and back cold again. Omaha does fall into the area of the country categorized as Tornado Alley with mal weather typically occurring in late spring.

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GTS completes massive healthcare DAS deployment for major College University

GTS recently completed a large venue project in Nashville, TN at a major Hospital Complex on a very large Campus. The project was comprised of eleven multistory buildings spread out over approximately a quarter mile radius. This was a challenging environment, extremely busy with high traffic areas receiving up to 34,000 visitors each day. GTS was able to complete the project on schedule in approximately eleven months starting in April of 2012 and wrapping up in February 2013.

GTS installed a DAS system for a Major Carrier, which provided cell service to some of the most critical areas in the facilities not previously covered. The scope of the project included populating the new Head End, installation of 135 EMG locations in data closets along with several thousand RAU and Antenna locations. Part of our preliminary worked involved placement of several hundred thousand feet of coax and fiber in man holes, tunnels, basements, above ceilings and between floors. Most of the RAU and Antenna locations were installed above ceiling tiles and many locations required the use of containment tents which can be restrictive and time consuming. Most all locations had to be visited multiple times either due to access, installation or optimization processes. Some the areas were sensitive in nature such as surgical, laboratories, high security areas etc. In many cases, this required the GTS team to work evenings and weekends to accommodate the patients and staff.

GTS had a team of 32 technicians on this project and GTS RF engineers and a very seasoned GTS Project Manager led them. GTS Director of Wireless Engineering was onsite as needed and other members of the GTS executive management team also visited this important project to ensure quality and professionalism standards were met. GTS completed all of our fiber splicing without issue led by one of our ?splicing gurus?. Our senior technician Scott worked in the Head End, data closets and worked closely with a team to ensure the project was completed on time.

The PM on this project, Jerry, could not of done a finer job in leading the team, setting expectations on delivery, quality, professionalism, and with impeccable communication and feedback to the client. Very favorable feedback was received throughout the whole project on the leadership Jerry brought to this project.

GTS had the benefit of working with an exceptional Project Manager from the campus, she was sensitive to requests and needs and was always able to provide whatever support GTS needed. She represented the needs and requirements of the end users and was delighted in the outcome of the project.

An audit of our work on this project was just completed and GTS scored a near perfect 100 having only one exception, a plastic cover not installed on a 66 block at the head. During some of the visits of our project by the teams from carrier and the DAS equipment manufacturer, it was suggested our work and documentation be used as an industry standard for other DAS projects.

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GTS Broadband Director discusses his latest project.

GTS was selected by a major MSO to handle a total system upgrade of approximately 332 plant miles in a city in VA. This was a multi-dimensional project with several phases going on all simultaneously. The tasks associated with this project included upgrading all power supplies to new Alpha XM2 90 volt 3-Battery Standby units, there were 149 of those. GTS was tasked with installing the new power supplies from the ground up per local utility electrical codes. We needed to add to the existing fiber backbone to support the expansion of 32 additional hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) nodes, about 25 miles. There was 28 miles were the GTS team needed to place upfront Aerial and Underground coaxial cable to support the new HFC node designs. The project also involved 254 miles/52 nodes, of upgrade of all optical nodes, broadband amplifiers, couplers and taps to 1Ghz versions capable of handling the increased bandwidth. And GTS also performed all the system sweep and noise/ingress mitigation to MSO specifications, in total, 332 Miles/65 nodes.

GTS started the project in March of 2012 and completed the project, within timeline in April of 2013. The manpower associated with this project involved 1 GTS project manager, 1 GTS supervisor, 1 warehouse employee, 15-Splicers/Sweepers, 16-construction team members, and 2 electrical personnel.

This was a major upgrade for our MSO client and enabled them to start offering all the latest and greatest advanced services including digital and high definition (HD) CATV, phone services (VOIP), Video on Demand, High-Speed Data, and Home Security services. There were many hurdles for Fred and GTS to overcome on this project; Fred listed just a few,

During the fiber backbone phase, careful attention was needed when fusion splicing the fibers together as Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology was being deployed. The transmitters in the optical nodes were wavelength specific and there was no room for error. Either they talked back to the head end or they did not. In the end, all 65 transmitters talked back at the appropriate level indicating that the field was spliced correctly. This was achieved through the use of highly specialized equipment, (JDSU TBERD) capable of characterizing each individual wavelength being used.

During the field upgrade phase, the challenge was to split the original or Primary node into a total of 4 nodes inclusive of 3 Secondary nodes, all while keeping the mother node active and finding spare fibers to activate the 3 new Secondary nodes. This was achieved by placing the new optical node in its designed location, performing the necessary turn-around to stop the original feed from the Primary node and re-routing Radio Frequency (RF) and Power as per the new HFC node designs.

And of course a verification of back to normal activity by close of business; following this process insured the customers would be back up and running by the end of the day.

Was the project a success for our client? GTS proudly acknowledges that throughout the project the MSO shared numerous accolades from both their regional and local system management teams regarding the technical expertise all of the GTS team brought to the table as well as the willingness of GTS to make sure the job was done correctly and on time. Per theTechnical Operations Manager for the MSO, ?I only want GTS touching my Fiber and Sweeping and Suppression of my nodes?.

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