Our relationships working with the largest MSOs (Multiple System Operators) and Carriers, dates back to our beginning in 1990. GTS has worked very hard to serve in the role of engineering and construction services partner for companies like AT&T, Cox, Verizon, Time Warner, Sprint, Comcast, Clear, Charter, and many smaller systems across the country.

We have been engaged to handle smaller local deployments all the way up to statewide and regional projects.

Our focus has been and will always be on every project, ensuring that the engineering and construction services GTS provides is professionally delivered in a timely manner and within budget. Our senior leadership team have all come from MSO backgrounds and they know what it takes to ensure performance for the end users.

As MSOs and Carriers keep moving into the latest cutting edge technologies to ensure the product they are delivering is second to none, GTS will stay engaged in bleeding edge technology to ensure the moves our partners make will be smooth and to the betterment of the overall end user client experience.