GTS-Healthcare Services

Why does GTS break out the vertical market of Healthcare as a special “services” offering?  Because providing services in our nation’s healthcare facilities is very unique and requires some very special abilities and tools.

Working in an environment where life changing events are going on all around the facility requires GTS employees remain extremely professional and flexible at all times.  Our goal is to have our engineers and technicians working in hospitals and other medical environments disappear into the day-by-day operations at the facility.  Our technicians know how to not interrupt or get in the way of the already much tasked hospital staff.  Every aspect of a healthcare project is planned out to ensure as little interruption to the facility as possible.  GTS teams pre plan equipment storage, unpacking, inventory, and deployment in a manner that ensures a seamless process from start to finish.  Special attention is given to any patient care areas when work is required.  Our team works hard to ensure all bio med and other staff requirements are not only met but that the entire hospital staff comes away saying "it was like GTS was not even there".

Healthcare environments require specialized equipment and GTS has more than enough of the required tools for areas like dust containment, biohazard, infection control, and other specialized healthcare requirements.  With patient confidentiality and security a major concern, GTS teams are properly certified and permitted to meet hospital requirements across the country.

GTS has provided, wireless, cabling, telemetry, equipment installation/patient monitoring, infrastructure, fire wall penetration, antenna deployment, site audit, RF propagation, and other services in hospitals all over the country since 2002 there is not a day that goes by that GTS teams are not deployed in the healthcare environment.

Our Healthcare services is a source of great pride to GTS, we believe we are second to none in our ability, experience, and professionalism in working in the Hospital Marketplace.